The girl who never believed short story

Rocky  was a 10 year old girl she lived with her two sisters and two brothers Delia who is 12, raspberry who is 5 , Luke who is 13 and Jack who is 18 . They lived in a Mansion in Mako Los angels . Rocky nerved   believed  in fairy tales one day while she was singing in public someone pulled her arm she was screaming this was in peter pan Wendy . She was scared and she did not know what to do was this the end .  She felt sad for not believing then she saw a face it was her mum pulling her . She was so  angry and worried about her she was grounded for a  month then her sister came in with a angry bee hive . Rocky was allergic to bee stings . Find out what happens next . 

The end 

Did you like it ?

What do you think will happen next ?

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2 thoughts on “The girl who never believed short story

  1. I think that the bees will sting her and she will go hospital and when she comes back no one is there so she has to find them. I thought it was a good story.

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